• fights oil pollutions on land and sea to save

    the planet for our children

    INKAS® Environmental Protection
  • INKAS® Environmental Protection
    supplies Spill Response Kits for nearly every workplace for tackling “oil only” spills,
    combined spills of various liquids and spills of hazardous materials.
  • INKAS® Environmental Protection
    Comes up with the goods and services that meet the needs of tomorrow,
    by creating better products and improving operational processes.
  • Has taken a prominent role in the field of

    protection from oil spills

    INKAS® Environmental Protection


Since the establishment of INKAS® in 1993, “Protection” had been our motto and guiding principle. Over the last two decades, INKAS® has grown to become an international leader in the design and production of top quality luxury, police and law enforcement vehicles. INKAS® expertise in the manufacturing of specialized vehicles, combined with our commitment to the protection of human lives, has naturally steered us into the area of environmental protection.

Following the success of INKAS® as a leader in its respective industries, INKASTRANS Canada Inc. has taken a prominent role in the field of environmental protection. Today, INKASTRANS Canada Inc., along with its West-African partner INKAS® Environmental Protection Ltd., Ltd possesses an extensive range of equipment, materials, and the expertise to spearhead the Oil Spill Cleanup industry.

Oil spill cleanup

We fight oil pollutions on land and sea.
About 20 million tons of oil and oil products are used daily in the world, and a part of this huge amount is inevitably spilled into environment. Large oil spills from accidents involving tankers, oil rigs and freighters are the most visible ones. The dramatic pictures are supported by terrible statistics. About 6 million tons of oil was spilled into sea in tanker incidents for the last forty years. Still these highly visible spills make up less than 10% of oil pollution entering the marine environment.
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INKAS Environmental Protection Ltd.

In partnership with our West-African counterpart INKAS Environmental Protection Ltd., INKASTRANS Canada Inc. is able to offer a comprehensive suite of services and solutions when it comes to oil spill clean-up, containment, dispersing and disposal to the West-African region. Our unique approach coupled with the relevant experience and skills possessed by our qualified team ensures the overall integrity of our work as well as the ongoing satisfaction of our customers both domestic and abroad.


SAPID AGENCIES LIMITED – INKASSORB KLINIT is a Nigerian Company engaged in oil spill cleanup and remediation in Nigeria and other West and Central African countries. This company has been registered and certified by all relevant statutory agencies including Department Of Petroleum Resources, National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency, National Agency For Drug Administration and Control, Nigerian Petroleum Exchange and Duns and Bradstreet Verification.

Argus Group

ARGUS Group committed to cooperation with INKAS® Environmental Protection Ltd in oil spill cleanup. ARGUS Group is a leading international company with vast experience in oil spill cleanup around the globe. The company allows the customer to minimize losses and maximize capital investment in equipment.

Successes & Opportunities

  • tes3The federal government is duly committed to the implementation of the report of the United Nations Environment program (UNEP) on the proposed cleanup of oil-impacted communities in Ogoniland, Rivers state. The Director-General / Chief Executive Officer (DG/CEO) of the National Oil Spill Detection and response Agency (NOSDRA), Sir Peter Idabor, made the declaration when he received in his office in Abuja the representatives of movement for the Survival of Ogoni people.
    Sir Peter Idabor, The Director-General / Chief Executive Officer of the NOSDRA,
  • tes2It is clear from UNEP’s field observations and scientific investigations that oil contamination in Ogoniland is widespread and severely impacting many components of the environment. The Ogoni people live with this pollution every minute of every day, 365 days a year. Since average life expectancy in Nigeria is less than 50 years, it is a fair assumption that most members of the current Ogoniland community have lived with chronic oil pollution throughout their lives.
    Achim Steiner UNEP Executive Director and Under-Secretary-General of the UN,
  • tes1 Russian oil spills come in drips and trickles, instead of dramatic explosions. But the Associated Press reports that oil companies there spill at least 1 percent of all oil produced every year. Crumbling infrastructure and a harsh climate combine to spell disaster in the world's largest oil producer, responsible for 13 percent of global output. Oil spills in Russia are more numerous than in any other oil-producing nation including insurgency-hit Nigeria.
    Sarah Laskow, Center for Public Integrity,