Inkas-Sorb® Booms

InkasSorb® Booms Oil Sorbent Booms are extensively used in oil spill business along with various Containment Booms.
Though the name “Sorbent” is commonly recognized, it is well to bear in mind that these booms are sorbent to some moderate degree.
The reality is that oil rather slowly penetrates through the stratum of the sorbent boom filling relatively thin external layer and the largest share of the internal core remains “dry”. So in spite the fact that filler fibers have high oil absorbency, total sorbent capacity of the known sorbent booms is pretty low.
Another reality is that these sorbent booms are basically not reusable. Anyone who tried to squeeze oil from the known sorbent booms knows that his effort mostly go unrewarded.

The proprietary Inkas-Sorb® Booms being indistinguishable from the existing on the market Sorbent Booms in price, general view and overall dimensions, have incomparable performance – oil fills the whole their volume for shorter time, and they absorb more oil than any known sorbent booms. Besides, since Inkas-Sorb® Booms have elasticity properties, oil may be recovered after collection, and Inkas-Sorb® Booms may be used again many times.
Along with Inkas-Sorb® Booms we can supply the proprietary Inkas-Sorb® Press, which is installed directly on an oil barrel and squeezes oil from the Boom into the barrel, where the retrieved oil is collected.