Inkas-Sorb® Pads

pad2[Video not found] Oil Sorbent Pads are hardworking essentials in oil spill business.

Normally these are non-woven polypropylene or cotton sheets, which are commonly used for collection of oil on land and water.

Their major advantages are the ease of the use and relatively short time of complete filling their volume with the absorbed oil. Rather high efficiency of oil sorption is explained by the fact that being relatively thin and light, the sheets, while placed on water covered by oil, do not plunge deep into water, and their bottom surface lies on the oil. It means that penetration of the oil into the sheet goes through the whole bottom surface of the sheet and takes place in a short time interval.

The disadvantages of the devices are their rather small volume and accordingly a small amount of absorbed oil, and high price of nonwovens, which altogether results in high cost of oil retrieval.

The patent pending Inkas-Sorb® Pad while having about the same price and overall dimensions as recognized sorbent pads, have absolutely incomparable performance – they absorb for a short time at least four times more oil than the any known pads, which is translated into unrivaled lower cost of oil retrieval.