INKAS® Environmental Protection Ltd developed a range of sorbent products and devices designed for oil recovery in practically any oil spill cleanup operation.

Inkas-Sorb® MPU became the first oil absorbent product made from PU foam waste, which is successfully used in oil spill cleanup industry in Europe, North America and Africa.

Inkas-Sorb® MPU-S compound combines advantages of strong polymer oil sorbent and solidifying agent, and may be used in loose granular form or as filler for sorbent devices.

Inkas-Sorb® Bits represent engineered granules made from natural organic or synthetic waste, having oil sorption rate up to 20 times of its weight.

Inkas-Sorb® Pads absorb for a short time at least four times more oil than the any known pads.

Inkas-Sorb® Booms are able to absorb oil quickly and completely.