Response Boats

Responce BoatsThe Marine Truck features a shallow draft and a large, open deck space for storage or mounting of equipment, and a crew working area.   It also has a heavy-duty bow ramp.

The flat hull design features tapered skegs that offer excellent directional stability and force air underneath the hull as it moves, creating a cushion that reduces frictional resistance and adds support.  This cushion allows the Marine Truck to carry a superior load using less horsepower.  A typical Marine Truck can achieve speeds of up to forty knots unladen.  Special versions can be much faster.  These design features also enable the vessel to ride on top of the waves rather than cutting through them, making the Marine Truck very stable and providing a smooth ride.

Loading and unloading of cargo is easy with the Marine Truck.  The reinforced hull means that the boat is beachable on most surfaces, and the vessel comes equipped with a heavy-duty bow ramp that can be lowered to the beach or at sea.  The bow ramp is sturdy enough that if your land truck is loaded down with a heavy load, there is no need to transfer loads; you can drive your land truck right onto the Marine Truck.  At sea, the bow door can be lowered below the water level to make work on the water easier.  The Marine Truck is therefore ideal for oil spill response operations or general marine work such as loading floating debris onto the deck, or for use as a dive boat.

The Marine Truck can be provided with a variety of console/instrumentation, and power options.

Custom configurations available.


Features and Benefits:

  • Large, flat deck and substantial cargo capacity.
  • Full width bow ramp is virtually at water level when open.
  • Shallow draft, superior maneuverability.
  • All welded marine grade aluminum construction.
  • Self-bailing, double hull construction.
  • High transit speeds with relatively low power input.
  • Variety of wheelhouse/console designs.
  • Available with inboard, I/O, outboard, or jet drives.