Storage and Transportation

Capture FEB21Temporary storage of the recovered oil and its transportation is an integral part of oil spill cleanup process.
Since recovered oil usually contains big amounts of water and debris, pretty large intermediate storage space is required.
When oil is recovered from water, the storage containers may be ship’s tanks, barges or floating flexible tanks. On-shore containers may be rigid or flexible tanks, as well as drums and even bags in case of small spills.
Flexible storage tanks are usually made with use of metal frame and flexible plastics material, and available in a wide range of volumes. The advantages of these containers are relatively low cost and a small space before assembling. Limitation is not very high strength.
Rigid tanks are stronger than flexible storage containers but have higher cost and require more time and labor for assembling.
Pillow tanks are constructed from strong heavy flexible polymer materials and may be placed on land, ships, barges, etc.
Towable flexible tanks are made as well from strong flexible polymers and used for temporary storage and transportation of oil recovered on water.

INKAS® Environmental Protection Ltd can supply a range of containers for storage and transportation of oil and oil products.

Pillow tanks

Pillow tanks are an inexpensive means of temporary storage for a wide range of liquids, including fuel, oil and treated water. Tanks are available in sizes from 757 to 18,928 liters. Surface Response Bags are balloon shaped semi-towable bladders designed to be used at a Shipping Port or Harbor for temporary storage of oil light fuels that have been recovered by a skimmer.

Towable Bladders

Towable Bladders can be used on water or on land and can operate in the very toughest of conditions. The can be towed by boats both full and empty. The double-layer walls of the truck are hollow inside and can be filled with water or air. The internal wall of the tank is made from chemical resistant material. Tower Bladders are available as 1.9m³ and 13m³. The tanks come complete with carry bags for transportation.

Quick Tank

The Quick Tank reservoir was developed for quick deployment and temporary storage of liquids. The Quick Tank has a robust aluminum frame which supports the open top liner made from material with high anti-corrosion properties. A wide choice of fabrics is available. The Quick Tank is available in two sizes — 1,893 liters and 10,410 liters.

Porta Tank

The Porta Tank is used for temporary storage of liquids. It is ideal for decanting of water during skimming operations and suitable for decontamination of equipment, personnel and animals. It is lightweight, easily transportable to site, and can be assembled rapidly without tools.